What is Funeral Insurance?

Funeral insurance is a different form of life insurance. No single insurance policy will be designed to pay for all costs associated with your death, so funeral insurance is set up to leave behind a sum of money for your family in an effort to help pay for your funeral expenses. It is a way to give your family some financial security, because let’s face it: funerals can get expensive, and fast! It’s not always comfortable thinking about things like this, but we all know our turn will soon come and we don’t want to accidentally place a huge monetary burden on our loved ones. Some of the different funeral insurance policies will provide money for unpaid debts at the time of death including legal expenses, credit card debt, and medical bills. One in particular is GIO funeral insurance. They offer many features and are worth your time to check out!


Be aware of the policies offered to you that are described as “guaranteed acceptance.” This may seem like the best deal yet, but sometimes things that sound too good to be true generally are. Guaranteed acceptance basically means that you are not required to answer any health questions, fill out any forms about your health, or get a medical exam. As long as you are in decent health, it is probably wiser to apply for a traditional insurance policy, as you might be able to get a better rate of coverage and will be much less expensive for you. If, on the other hand, you are in poor health, this may be your best option yet. If you are dealing with illnesses that are terminal or life-threatening, and cannot seem to be accepted from a standard insurance company, this is a great option for you.

Make sure to read the fine print on any insurance policy you might be thinking about purchasing. Too many times, it happens that the policy isn’t what you thought it was to begin with, or you find out that “only under these certain circumstances does ‘x’ apply.” Sometimes policies end or expire once you reach a certain age, or after a specific period of time like 10 or 20 years. Don’t be afraid to seek help and ask questions! You can never research too much when it comes to deciding on an insurance policy. Your loved ones will thank you for it one day.