Weird and Wonderful Phobias


It’s a natural instinct fear. After all we are born with the fight or flight gene in our DNA so it is not unusual for people to be frightened of things that put us in danger. There are the common fears of course such as the fear of heights, fear of closed in spaces or the complete opposite, the fear of open spaces, but there are some really strange ones you can come across if you ask the right people. Here are a few odd ones that might stretch the imagination a little bit.

First of all, nomophobia. This is purely one for the modern world as it never even existed a generation ago. Can you believe that this is actually a fear of being out of mobile phone range. If you were to suffer from this kind of phobia then it is probably not a good idea to take up hobbies like mountaineering or even going on long haul flights to get to your holiday destination.

Another strange one, and probably most atheists may have problems with this, is ouranophobia. This rather strange fear of heaven is an oxymoron in itself as you would probably have a more rational fear of hell. Considering religion plays an integral part of a lot of peoples lives this one is pretty rare.

This one is probably more common than you think and you can be sure that you know someone who suffers from this. Ergophobia is the irrational fear of working. You may have a hard time convincing your doctor that you have this and an even harder time convincing the desk clerk at the labor office that they should give you welfare for not working because you are scared of it!

If you were doing some marketing for dentists then you might want to steer clear of the term dentaphobia. This is quite a common one but nonetheless still has a lot of people within its grasp. Some dentists offer services that gradually bring patients into their surgeries step by step to gradually allay their fears.

The last one, and if you were French, would probably mean you have to leave the country is turophobia. Yep, you guessed it, it is the fear of cheese. It would be pretty unfortunate for you to live in arguably the best cheese producing country in the world and be scared of it.