The Best Things Come To Those Who Wait

People are living longer, that’s a fact. According to the World Health Organisation, overall life expectancy in the UK is around 80 years of age and in some countries it’s even higher. That’s a vast difference from even 100 years ago when both men and women, on average, could only expect to live to their mid-fifties. Our increased lifespan is due to better nutrition, healthcare and housing and has led to a generation of relatively affluent, educated and optimistic people who want to make the most of their retirement years. Life, like a good bottle of wine, seems to improve with maturity so we take a look at some of the aspects of our lives which just get better with age.


Self Confidence
Advancing years bring an accumulation of wisdom and experience, most of which will have been learned the hard way. Many of us will remember asking our grandparents for advice at times of stress and emotional need. When it’s our turn to be asked the important questions, those of us in later life will have a bank of resources from which to draw on to be able to offer that same advice and support to our grandchildren. This generational interaction boosts our self-confidence and inner esteem by increasing our feeling of value within our family network and teaches the younger members of our family valuable life lessons on attitude and behaviour.

Self Image
Remember the things that you hated about yourself when you were a teenager? Do they matter now? The answer is almost certainly an emphatic ‘no’. As we age, we develop our own style which suits our personality and our body image and makes us feel good about ourselves regardless of what other people think. We’re no longer slaves to fashion which probably didn’t suit us in the first place and can project the image we want to the world. It’s not the case that we don’t care how we look, we just feel freer to express ourselves in our own individual way.

One of the most attractive attributes of age is the sense of security which is gained from decreased stress levels and increased feelings of well-being. Much of this is related to a sense of achievement from the things we’ve accomplished in our lives – perhaps we’ve raised a family or had a worthwhile career and maybe we’ve finished with mortgage payments which means we can enjoy our home without financial encumbrances. A place of our own of whatever size is vital to emotional and physical security so it’s important to protect it with combined buildings and contents insurance for extra peace of mind. ‘just in case’.

Friends And Family
Whether you have an extended family for which you need many extra chairs on Christmas day or a small, select group of long-cherished friends, there’s no doubting the importance of emotional ties. Friends and family of whatever age are a link to our past, offer us hope for the future and give us the opportunity to create memories to cherish so, like that bottle of wine, we can savour every drop of this wonderful life we’ve been lucky enough to experience. Cheers, salute and the very best of health!

Image attributed to Ambro