Summer Holidays You Don’t Want To Miss

Summer holidays are always an exciting time for everyone and with them come the ability to spend more time with family and friends and get out of the routine and into something more exciting and new! Summer getaways with those you love are always a great time to make memories and share time with one another – something that will last a lifetime in your mind. If you’re looking for great summer holiday ideas both in the UK and out, check out this useful list.


Staycations are probably one of the cheapest ways to spend a summer holiday, providing you with plenty of opportunities to just laze around and do things that need doing around the house. A great option is to get a project on the go that the whole family can get in on, such as decorating, building a deck or other renovations. Get all those hands together and do something you can all enjoy!

Tent Holidays

Tent holidays in Cornwall are an inexpensive and exciting way to get away from it all and enjoy the wilderness of one of the UK’s most beautiful counties. With a number of things to see and do throughout Cornwall, the choice is yours – from long hikes along coastal paths, walks in the forest such as Tehidy Woods or just lazing on one of the pristine beaches such as Porthmeor, there’s no end of things to do in Cornwall and you’ll find yourself needing to come back time and again.

Somewhere Far Flung

Getting away for that far flung holiday might seem like it’s impossible, but watching for seat sales to the likes of North America can be a great way to keep the costs down. If you don’t mind when you go and you’re able to get the time off work, it’s a great option for those who really want to get away from the UK this summer and explore somewhere a bit new and exciting.

That Ultimate Dream

Dreaming of Tahiti or Australia? Does it seem impossible? Maybe it does, but it doesn’t have to! If you’ve been saving up for awhile for that dream getaway, now might be the time to get going and experience it. Check into flight deals and hotel deals, or see if you have enough travel points saved up. Trips to far flung dream destinations aren’t always tens of thousands of pounds, you just need to get creative!

So whatever your choices this year, hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration to get booking so you can enjoy this summer season in true style!