Overspending? Cool Tricks To Save You Money Online

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The main problem with the internet is that it makes everything just a little too easy. At the click of a button, you can spend hundreds of dollars. That in itself is quite worrying. If you already spend too much money in the real world, the online world is an absolute nightmare. If you feel as though you’re overspending, you might think you need to stop completely. You don’t. Instead, use these cool tricks to save money online.


  1. Use a credit card that rewards your spending


When you buy things online, you should always use a credit card, rather than a debit card. You get a certain amount of insurance with a credit card. You don’t get that insurance with a debit card. Before spending any money, you should check out what rewards your credit card offers you. Some cards offer users huge rewards for spending online or at particular outlets. A little research might mean that you earn loads of money back on your purchases.


  1. Visit swapping sites, rather than shopping sites


If you can’t afford to spend money, but need some new things, you should consider swapping, rather than shopping. There are many sites that allow you to exchange items without using any money. Look at Gumtree and Craigslist to see what you can find. Both sites have a ‘freebie’ and a ‘swapping’ section, and so you can find loads of items for nothing. The main drawback of using these sites is that you might need to drive to collect your items. Users will rarely post items to you if you’re not paying for them.


  1. Find promo codes and coupons online


Promotion codes and coupons are an easy way to save money online. You can find loads of coupons online easily if you use Google. There are loads of websites that provide you with free discount codes and vouchers to save you a little money. Each code might only save you around 10%, but if you use codes every time you buy something, you’ll save a lot of money. There are codes for everything online. For example, if you intend to invest money, there are plenty of promotions running online that give you discounts.


  1. Be loyal to the companies you love


If you find a company that you love, stay loyal to them. Companies tend to reward customers who buy lots of things from them. You can sign up to their emails or get a loyalty card. That way you will get small discounts on your purchases. Companies want to keep customers happy so that they will spend more money. That means that many companies will offer you discounts to buy more things.


  1. Know when to buy products


There are certain times when it is expensive to buy things online. For example, right now the price of everything is about to rise. In the lead up to Christmas, companies expect people to spend a lot of money online. Many companies boost their prices during November and the beginning of December so that they can make more money. You can still find discount codes and coupons to save money, but it isn’t enough. You would be better off waiting until after Christmas to make big purchases.


  1. Don’t checkout, wait instead


When you are shopping online, try this simple trick. Put the items that you want in your basket, but don’t check out of the store. Close your browser instead and forget about the items for a while. Companies hate losing out on money. They can see that you have decided not to buy the items at the last minute, and they will want to know why. That means that they will likely email you and offer you discounts if you do decide to buy the items. That way, you can get a discount on items you already want.