The Myriad of Benefits of Residential Solar Panels to New Jersey Home Buyers and Sellers


The utilization of solar energy has increased at a steady rate over the course of the past 20 years. This has occurred through the creation of solar farms in locations across the United States. In New Jersey, an ever increasing number of residential and commercial properties have added solar panels. Solar panels are becoming a more common element of new construction in New Jersey and in other states across the country.

Solar panels on a residence add value to the property in a number of different ways. Indeed, both a home seller and buyer can realize benefit when a residence is equipped with solar panels.

Savings on Energy Costs

One of the key benefits associated with the installation of solar panels on a residence is a decrease in energy costs. The reality is that many homeowners report that they experienced a marked decrease in energy costs once they placed solar panels on their homes.

The energy savings associated with solar panels allows a homeowner the ability to reasonably increase the base asking price for a residence when it is placed on the market. Similarly, a home buyer who considers the purchase of a residence that comes complete with solar panels appreciates he or she will be making a wise investment. A person considering purchasing a residence outfitter with solar panels recognizes that he or she will be able to realize an energy cost savings into the future.

Protecting the Environment

Know as the Garden State, there is a commitment among residents of New Jersey to take care to protect the environment. One solid strategy that can be employed to aid in protecting the environment is the utilization of solar panels at the home.

As an energy resource, solar panels contribute nothing in the way of environmental pollution or contamination. As a sustainable, renewable resource, its use is positive addition to the arsenal of green technologies designed to protect the environment.

Tax Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

There are tax benefits to a homeowner that makes the decision to install solar panels at a residence. There are tax benefits available on both the state and federal level when it comes to the installation of solar panels at residential property.

New Jersey Clean Energy Program

The New Jersey Clean Energy Program can provide you with resources and information associated with solar energy panels on residential property. For example, the New Jersey Clean Energy Program can provide you with practical information, including where to find reputable contractors that can install solar panels at your home. The New Jersey Clean Energy Program can also assist you in obtaining tax benefits associated with the installation and use of solar panels on residential property. The resources and information from the New Jersey Clean Energy Program are easily accessible through its online website.

Enhancement of Value of Residential Property

Another key benefit associated with the installation of solar panels at a home is an enhancement of property value. This can be particularly important if a homeowner desire to put a residence on the market.

Installing solar panels can benefit the owner of a residence immediately in the form of lower energy costs. Because of the inherent positive features associated with residential solar panels, their presence at a home increase the property value. They tend to make a residential property more appealing to potential home buyers.

As an aside, the installation of solar panels tends to be a cost effective method to increase the value of a residence, even for the purposes of a sale. In some situations when a person takes a step designed to recoup the full cost of the enhancement, that does not occur. In other words, there are situations in which a person invests in a home improvement that ends up not being fully compensated via a higher sales price for the residence. The sales price doesn’t completely cover the costs of an improvement.

That typically is not the case when it comes to the installation of solar panels. The sales price increase associated with the installation of solar panels typically does cover the out of pocket expense of the homeowner in installing this equipment in the first instance.

Keep in mind that solar panels on a residence appeals not only to individuals seeking to buy a home with more moderate energy costs, but appeals to people who want a green property as well. As was noted, solar panels are a highly environmentally friendly alternative when it comes to a reliable energy source for a home.

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