Marketing Your Dentistry Online

Marketing Your Dentistry Online

Traditionally dentists relied on offline marketing and word of mouth to promote their businesses, the issue with this now is that the world is changing in terms of the way people engage with providers of services and dentists are no exception to this. Online marketing for dentists is something that is crucial for the success of dental practices everywhere, and today we will talk more about how and why your dentistry should have an online presence.


Why go online?

One of the most compelling arguments for marketing your dentistry online is that dentists in general usually have clients from their local area. As a result of this people that seek out dental services are usually searching within a very specific area.

Usually there will only be a small number of competitors in a specific area, so it is important to market your business to be noticed online. This is especially the case because people are primarily using the internet to find services, so if yours doesn’t have a presence there then it is almost certain that you will have no customers with the direction that services are being found.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and this is a fundamental service that dentists should be using to get exposure in their local area. Above we talked about the importance of having a presence online so that people can find you, SEO is the way to help you rank higher with search engines.

There are various techniques and these are split into on page and off page factors. The resulting effects of SEO are not immediate and good sustainable SEO can take six months or more to really have an affect and get you the ranking that you want.


Reviews are becoming increasingly popular in helping people to decide on which services that they should use. When you think about services yourself naturally you go online to find reviews about a particular organisation to see if others would recommend them. Of course it makes sense to have some sort of presence in this way yourself. The biggest challenge is actually getting people to leave a review and there are two ways that you can achieve this, the first is by providing an exceptional level of customer service and the second is by providing some form of incentive to leave a review. Why not offer a discount off that person’s next visit to your practice?