Home office space vs serviced office space: which is better for startups?



When running your new startup there are so many considerations for so many different things that you probably never imagined before, especially if you are doing it for the first time. One thing that you need to think about is your office space and where it will be and there are two distinct options here: home office spaces and serviced office spaces. This article will talk a bit more about both of these types and hopefully will help you to decide on your optimal working environment.

Separate home and work

Having a dedicated office space away from your home is a great way to keep your work and home life separate, the danger with running things from home is that you lack structure and formality. This may work for some people, but perhaps a serviced office space from Send Business Centre would be a better way to help yourself get into a routine where you are going somewhere different and then going back home when your work time is over. If you don’t do this you risk your home life becoming your work life and can seriously affect you and your startup.


Depending on the nature of your startup, things can get a little messy and cleaning is the last thing you want to worry about. With a serviced office space all the cleaning is taken care of for you and you don’t need to worry about spending extra time that you could spend focusing on your startup.


With the exception of a few people a home office generally doesn’t have the facilities of a serviced space, which can be very useful. For example, equipment like large screens or projectors can be very expensive and it would be much more cost effective to rent a space that already has this equipment available. Internet connections in office spaces are also generally much better, particularly due to the better building infrastructure.

Room for growth

Serviced office spaces are fantastic, especially for the startup that is on the rise. Perhaps you are considering hiring more people? This can make it very difficult to utilise a small home office space, but the great thing about having a serviced space is that there may be a possibility to move to larger rooms in a shared space. This is much more convenient than cramming people into your home office, which can make the atmosphere of your startup very tense.