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There is more to search engine optimization, or SEO for short, than meets the eye. When I first set up my business a few years ago I wasn’t that aware of the options available to me and tried to use the more traditional marketing methods like open advertising and direct mailing. This was proving to be more difficult and time consuming, as well as expensive, than I cared to put time aside for. It was a business colleague who first approached me with the idea of using an SEO company to take care of my online marketing. I wasn’t completely sure how it worked so he gave me a brief explanation and demonstration using his company website to show me how it worked.

First of all he explained to me that the SEO will review your website and business and look for keywords that relate to your site. He explained that when somebody searches in Google for something, depending on the keyword, it can link to your site which automatically scores you ranking points pushing you further up the Google pages. He gave me a demo by putting  seo for dentists (he has a dental practice) into Google and up comes the various options. It was really quite interesting so I did a little bit more research to see what other advantages there was to SEO companies.

For me the biggest advantage was that they literally take care of everything related to your marketing online. It is good in the way that the company will actually target internet traffic that is directly related to your business. By gathering lots of data they are able to develop what are called clusters of keywords which spreads the coverage of your business thus creating a much greater awareness of your business outside the normal range, and because the internet is global, so your product becomes global also.

Another advantage I found was that you can actually monitor your traffic as it is happening in real time. You can physically see how many people are accessing your site and the data that is collected is permanent and always there. The only real disadvantage that I found was that it can take a while for the results to become visible as far as Google rankings are concerned. Ideally you want to be on the first page of Google as that is about as far as people go when looking for things. However, if you have a good product and you work closely with your SEO company it won’t take long before you start to see the benefits. You just need to stick with it and be patient.