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  • The Benefits of Short Term Loans


    When applying for a loan there are many things that you have to take in to consideration before finalising your big decision. The amount of money is of course extremely important, but so is the length of the loan and the interest. With short term loans the monthly payments are larger than longer loans. This, […]

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  • Things We Can Do To Prevent Ebola


    Ebola is generally one of those things that is read about in the media, continually we look at the news and hear of strange world events and never truly believe that these things will happen to us or even pose any threat to us. People can do very simple things such as donating UNICEF’s Ebola appeal, […]

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  • Six Tips For First Time House Buyers

    Acquiring your first house will always be one of the proudest and most memorable moments in your life. You may have rented places on your own, with friends or a girlfriend but this is your first proper home. A home that you can call yours. Before buying your first home however, here are six things […]

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  • What do I get from a Debt Management Plan?

    Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.45.54 PM

    If your debts are growing exponentially and working your way out of financial trouble feels like catching sand, then an intelligent debt management plan could be one solution to your woes. Without the far-reaching repercussions brought about by declaring bankruptcy, Debt Management can help realign your debts into a manner which can be plausibly paid […]

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  • The Best Things Come To Those Who Wait

    People are living longer, that’s a fact. According to the World Health Organisation, overall life expectancy in the UK is around 80 years of age and in some countries it’s even higher. That’s a vast difference from even 100 years ago when both men and women, on average, could only expect to live to their […]